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What size is Blueboard?

Last Updated: 14th June, 2021

Product Length (mm) Width (mm)
7.5 MM BLUEBOARD 2,440 900
7.5 MM BLUE BOARD 2,725 900
7.5 MM BLUE BOARD 3,000 900
7.5 MM BLUE BOARD 1,800 1,200

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Also, what is Blueboard used for?

Blue board drywall is also known as plaster baseboard. Blue board is used for veneer plastering, and the surface paper has special absorption qualities. It has a high water and mold resistance and there are fewer steps involved in veneer plastering.

Additionally, can you use blue board outside? Uses. Cement boards are best used outside the house as siding or in wet areas inside the house such as bathrooms and kitchens, due to their durable and water resistant/waterproof nature. Blueboards are somewhat water-resistant but not waterproof, and preferably should not be used for wet or damp applications.

Consequently, is Blueboard fire rated?

HardieTex blue board base sheet is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire†.

Can you paint Blueboard?

While it is still drywall, unlike typical drywall, you can paint directly over the blueboard. The surface, prepared to receive coverings, is an ideal surface on which to paint directly as it adheres ideally to a variety of finishes, particularly paint.

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What is Blueboard made of?

Blue Board. Most commonly used as an external wall cladding, Blue Board is a strong based 7.5 mm sheet, which is designed to be acrylic render coated with colour or texture, providing a beautiful rendered look, without the masonry.

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Is Blueboard waterproof?

Blueboard. Blue Board cement sheets are mainly used for exterior use as they are waterproof. They are never kept as a finish product as blue board sheets must be rendered in order for it to be useful.

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What is the difference between Blueboard and drywall?

Drywall panels are covered with paper that will take paint directly, once they've been taped and the joints and fasteners have been covered with compound. Blueboard's more absorbent paper layer is designed to bond with a veneer plaster coating before it's painted.

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How much does Blueboard cost?

Cost to Install Thin Coat Plaster Backing - Blueboard
Qty Low High
32.5 h $1,057 $2,574
0.0 h $0 $0
250 SF $616 $839
Average Cost per Square Foot $2.46 $3.36

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What is Greenboard used for?

Greenboard is a term that's occasionally used for a type of drywall that is used for walls in damp areas. Originally, greenboard was used as a direct backer board for ceramic tile in highly wet areas such as showers or bathtubs but this usage began to be phased out in the 1990s.

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Is Greenboard waterproof?

IS GREEN BOARD WATERPROOF? Green board is water resistant – it is not water-proof. Green board is highly efficient in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is frequently in the air, but it is not the drywall that should be set behind tile in your shower or any other areas where it can come in direct contact with water.

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What is the difference between green and purple drywall?

What's the difference between PURPLE® drywall and traditional green drywall? Traditional green drywall (also known as greenboard) is only moisture-resistant. PURPLE® drywall, only made by National Gypsum, is superior because it offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance.

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What is Blueboard?

: wallboard that has a surface of light blue paper designed to be covered with a thin coat of plaster after installation Though Home Front could have opted to apply plaster over metal lath for the walls, they went with a common time-saving method instead, hand-troweling plaster over blueboard, a special drywall made

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Can you render over Blueboard?

A: Yes you can apply acrylic render products straight over painted fibro or asbestos. You can follow the DIY Guide for Blueboard as detailed above. Yes, you can apply acrylic render products straight over fibro.

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What is FC sheeting?

Fibre Reinforced Cement or fibre cement is a building material developed in the early 1980s. Fibre cement cladding is a popular choice for builders because it is simple to install and brings with it a host of benefits. It is weather-proof and resistant to water.

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What is Harditex made of?

Fibre-cement sheets ("Harditex")
These are usually 2.4 x 1.2 sheets 7.5 mm thick with rebated edges which are filled with a reinforced plaster mix to create a uniform finish. Sometimes just the finish paint is added, in other cases the entire surface is plastered.

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Can u render over cement board?

Cement particle boards or render boards are normally fitted on timber frame builds and then the rendering is normally carried out over the board. However there are a number of problems that could arise with cement particle boards if not fitted properly or if the incorrect render system is applied over it.

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Is cement board the same thickness as drywall?

To do this, you need backer board that is 1/2 inch thick or to build up a thinner board with plywood to match the drywall. Mold-resistant drywall, commonly used in bathrooms, is either 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch thick.

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When did cement board come out?

Around 1970 cement backer board was invented, and this new product enabled the installation of tile over plywood substrates once again.

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Can you use green board in a shower?

It means "Greenboard" can still be used in bathrooms (and other areas), it just cannot be used as a backer for tile in a shower or tub surround. It can be used in areas not subject to direct water exposure (tub/shower surround), and areas of noncontinuous high humidity (bathrooms).

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What is Villaboard?

Villaboard® lining. Designed for Bathrooms. A seamless flat, internal wall or ceiling lining that can be painted, wallpapered or partly/fully tiled to create a wide range of design looks.

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Can you plaster Blueboard?

While blueboard has the same makeup as drywall in the core, it is finished with a thicker blue paper that can accommodate the wet plaster. Originally strips of blueboard were used, with the traditional three layer plaster system as the finish.

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Can you mud and tape Blueboard?

Blue Board Drywall
Blue board is used for veneer plastering, and the surface paper has special absorption qualities. It has a high water and mold resistance and there are fewer steps involved in veneer plastering. Blue board drywall is not made for mud, tape, or paint.