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What is an S View case?

Last Updated: 29th December, 2021

Search. Definition of: S-ViewFlipCover. S-View Flip Cover. ASamsungcover for various Android smartphones that has aclear frontwindow. The cover replaces the standard backcover onthe phone, keeping the phone as slim aspossible.

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Correspondingly, what is s view cover?

Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note10 with a stylishcasethat lets you answer phone calls, control your music and more,evenwhile your cover is closed. Then flip the coveropenwhen you're looking for a full-screen experience.TheS-View Flip Cover provides a layer ofdefenseagainst smudges, scratches and dirt.

Also Know, what is smart cover mode? Smart cover mode is actually work forflipcover. If you turn it on your phone is goesautomatically lockwhen you close the flip cover andautomatically screen onwhen you open the flip cover. Youdon't need to press thebutton to lock or unlock yourphone.

Also question is, what is s view flip cover?

Overview. The Galaxy Note10 S-ViewFlipCover† enables you to see and interact with yourphonescreen through the front of the case. Respond to incomingphonecalls, alarms and events even while the cover isclosed.With a lower profile design, you can show off the sidescreenwhether your cover is open or closed.

How does a flip cover work?

One primary magnet is close to the edge of yourphonewhere the Hall sensor lies in the phone and onesecondarymagnet(optional) is towards the edge of cover. Thepurposeof secondary magnet is to make the flip cover stickto thedevice when you close it.

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How do smart covers work?

Like accelerometer measure acceleration HallEffectSensor measures magnetic field intensity. When the magnet ofcasecome near the sensor (usually located upfront on side ofdisplay)the readings increase and screen turn off.When thecover islifted the readings decrease thus the screen turnson.

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What is smart IC chip?

Inbuilt Smart IC Chip (Electro Plating) Uniqueandsmart sleep/wake up design,makes the display autopoweron/off while open/close the flip, effectively enhance thebatterylife,added more convenience. Transparent cover, quickly viewCall,date, time, etc,Easy to use, elegantconstruction.

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What is a flip cover?

The flip cover usually consists of a flaptypeattachment connected to the rear battery cover of thephone.The flap attachment acts as a screen protector while thephone isin your pocket or while in use. So you'll have to removetheoriginal panel to fit the flip cover.

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How much is Samsung s9 plus in USA?

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus prices compared
Galaxy S9 price Galaxy S9 Plus price
Samsung $720 $840
T-Mobile $720 $840
Xfinity Mobile $720 $840
US Cellular $759 $920

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What is flip cover for mobile?

The original flip covers ( produced bythemobile companies such as those for moto g) have amagneticsensor which lights up the screen when the flip isliftedup, and locks the device when flip coversthescreen.

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Which is the sensor responsible for turning of screen while placing your phone close to your ear while attending a call?

The proximity sensor usually sits upnearthe top speaker and combines an infrared LED andlightdetector to work out when you have the phone uptoyour ear, so that screen can be switched off.Thesensor emits a beam of light that gets bounced back,thoughit's invisible to the human eye.

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Can a magnetic phone case damage your phone?

It is not a problem, insofar as damaging yoursmartphoneis concerned, but a magnetic clasp could haveother,unexpected consequences. Clasp and case cover magnetsaregenerally quite weak but when bought in close proximity tothephone or tablet may affect compass readings.

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Do magnetic covers for mobiles harm the screen?

The Bottom Line
Most magnetic phone mounts on the marketusesmall magnets that won't really damage your phone'scircuitsor functionality. The speakers, screen, GPS, cellsignal areimpervious to magnetic interference, and thecompasswill recover as soon as the interferenceisremoved.

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What is Hall IC test in Samsung?

The Hall IC sensor detects magnetic fields andisprimarily used to detect magnetic flip covers to automaticallyputthe phone to sleep when a magnet within the flip cover touchesthephone.