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How tall does Mondo grow?

Last Updated: 3rd January, 2020

This is the type you'll come to expect when youhearMondo Grass – Ophiopogon Japonicus is the mostcommontype of this grass. It has an average height of 6 to10inches but has been known to be as tall as 12 inches.Thegreat thing about this species is that it grows upwardsof15 inches wide per plant.

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Likewise, people ask, how tall does dwarf mondo grass grow?

It grows 2 to 4 inches tall andonceestablished is drought-tolerant and resistant to pests anddisease.You can find dwarf mondo grass at gardencenterswhere it is sold in cell packs just like your springbeddingplants.

Subsequently, question is, can you walk on dwarf mondo grass? While dwarf mondo grass can take someoccasionalwalking on, it is not recommended as a lawnsurfacewhere children frequently play or where it will get a lotofrecreational use.

Accordingly, how long does it take mondo grass to spread?

Standard mondo grass reaches amaturespread up to 1 foot wide within a year or two, butdwarfmondo grass needs two to three years under idealconditionsto reach its spread of 3 to 4 inches.

Is mondo grass invasive?

Because,while it does spread, I wouldn't callMondograss invasive or aggressive. Ah, but some othermembers of theOphiopogon genus, like Aztec grass, areaggressive andhighly invasive. Be careful you don't get oneof themmislabeled as Mondo.

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Is mondo grass an evergreen?

Mondo grass is also known as monkeygrass.It is an evergreen perennial that makes a greatgroundcoveror standalone grass-like plant. Mondograss is a slowgrowing plant that can be divided to make moreof them and requiresminimal care once established.

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How do you plant mondo grass border?

How Far Apart Do You Plant Mondo Grass?
  1. Separate Clumps. Separate mondo grass clumps intoindividualtufts.
  2. Spacing. Dwarf varieties should be planted 2 to 4inchesapart.
  3. Panting. When planting, make sure the roots and rhizomesarewell-covered by gently pressing the soil around them, but donotplant the crowns too deeply.
  4. Herbicide.
  5. Disease and Pest Control.

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Do snakes like mondo grass?

Mondo grass is primarily usedasgroundcover. It is also attractive as a borderalong paths,between stepping stones or flowerbed and lawn,or in rockgardens. It grows well along streams and around gardenponds.Mondo grass competes well with the roots ofotherplants.

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Is black mondo grass invasive?

Black Mondo Grass is not really an evergreen,butthe foliage does last all winter until it is replaced withnewgrowth in the spring. It's said to be deer resistant, likessomeshade, and it's not real fussy about soilconditions.

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Does mondo grass stay green year round?

First of all, mondo's leaves willremaingreen throughout the winter months. When normalgrassstarts to turn brown as the temperatures get cool,mondo grassstays deep green all year round. Asadrought-tolerant plant, mondo grass does notrequirewatering once it has established itself.

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Is mondo grass a perennial?

Attractive clumps of stemless, darkgreen,grass-like leaves make a beautiful small-scalegroundcoveror low border. Tiny spikes of lilac flowers appear insummer. Thiscare-free, easy to grow perennial is ideal foraddingtexture to the garden. Evergreen.

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Can you divide mondo grass?

Use your hands to break the clump into smaller clumpsoruse a sharp, clean knife to cut the clump into smallerpieces.Plant the dwarf mondo grass clumps in the locationsyouwould like them to grow in. The best time todivide yourmondo grass is in the early spring orearlyfall.

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How big does black mondo grow?

Black Mondo grows to about 10" tall,andwill slowly spread to about two feet. Loose spikes of small,lightpink or white, bell shaped flowers appear in mid summer,followedby small black berries.

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Is mondo grass an aquatic plant?

Mondo grass and several house plantswill'die slowly' under water, and last about as long asmanytrue aquatic plants will when under the care ofbeginningplanted tank people.

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Can you mow monkey grass?

When to Trim Monkey Grass: Like other typesofornamental grasses, the best time to cutbackmonkey grass is in late winter or early spring.Ifyour monkey grass has already sprouted,you'llprobably need to cut it by hand, so youdon'tcut the nice rounded tips off the newshoots.