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How many pounds of coleslaw do I need to feed 50 people?

Last Updated: 21st April, 2021

Approximately 1 1/2 gallons plus one cup ofcoleslaw, or 25 cups, is needed to serve 50people, assuming each serving is 1/2 cup. It takes between 10and 12 pounds of raw cabbage to make 50 servings ofcoleslaw.

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Just so, how many pounds of coleslaw do I need to feed 200 people?

You have plenty of meat. About 2 1/2gallons each slaw and 18 pounds green beans.

Additionally, how much is a pound of coleslaw? According to the Great Party Recipes website, you shouldfigure 3 or 4 oz. of coleslaw per person. Multiplying 70 by4 equals 280. Divide 280 oz. by 16 to get 17.5 lbs. ofcoleslaw.

Considering this, how many people will a gallon of coleslaw serve?

One gallon will give you about 25 - 30 sideportions, one quart yields 6 -7 servings, one pint serves 3– 4 and ½ pint serves 1 – 2.

How many pounds of pulled pork do I need for 100 people?

If you're doing boneless pork butt in a smoker,I'd estimate about a 30%-40% shrinkage rate (give or take,depending upon the fat content). If you go with about 75pounds of boneless raw meat, that will translate to about 45to 52 pounds of cooked meat, which will yield about about7.2 to 8.3 ounces per person.

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How many pounds of pinto beans do I need to feed 50 people?

When you're feeding a crowd, consider using pintobeans as the foundation for a Tex-Mex style salad bar or as themain ingredient for a hearty soup. Each pound of drypinto beans makes 12 half-cup servings after being cooked,so 8.33 pounds will be required to make 100servings.

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How much pork do I buy for pulled pork?

For pulled pork, the standard rule of thumb isone-third to one-half pound of meat per person. When cooked andshredded, a bone-in pork shoulder will lose around 40percent of its weight. For example, a raw 10-pound porkshoulder (or two 5-pounders) will yield about 6 pounds of finishedmeat, serving 12 to 18 people.

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How many people does a pound of pulled pork feed?

So in essence, if you put 40 lbs. of meat in you willonly end up with 20 lbs. of finished product. A normal serving on acatering (if you are not cooking for big eaters) is 4 oz.…or 4 people to the pound. When feedingbig eaters, you generally figure 3 people to thepound. Glenn wants to feed 40people.

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How many servings are in a gallon of ice cream?

An average scoop shop serving of ice creamis about three ounces by volume, or 3/16ths of a pint, so if youwant to give 30 people each one serving of ice cream,count on making four quarts (one gallon).

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How much is a pint of water?

How much does a pint of water weigh? 1 USpint = 16 US fl.oz and weighs about 16.69 oz. (about 1.043lb) because the US fl.oz. is not related to the oz.

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How much lettuce do I need for 100 people?

A good way to estimate is by having approximately a cupserving for each person, and then include extra just in case. For100 people or more, you need 15 heads of romainelettuce to make a Caesar salad, 8 pounds of leaflettuce for a garden salad or 12 pounds oflettuce for a tossed salad.

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How much salad do I need for 100 guests?

SALAD SIZE: A handy rule of thumb for largedinner parties: make about 3 ounces of salad perguest. Q. I'm providing the salad for a picnic withabout 100 guests. How much should I prepare? A. Whenmaking salad for a large group, the rule of thumb is about 3ounces per person.

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How many cups of romaine lettuce are in a head?

Equivalent Measurements For Vegetables
Ingredient Approximate Equivalent Measurements
Lettuce (Iceberg) 4 cups, shredded 1 medium head
Lettuce (Iceberg) 6 to 8 cups, torn 1 medium head
Lettuce (Leaf) 4 to 6 cups, torn 25 to 30 leaves
Lettuce (Romaine) 6 cups, torn 1 head