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How do I reset Windows Media Player 12 to default settings?

Last Updated: 14th April, 2021

Method 1 Resetting to Default Settings
  1. Open Windows Media Player Troubleshooting. ClicktheStart Menu and then Control Panel.
  2. Run as Administrator. A new window will appear.
  3. Reset to the default Windows MediaPlayersettings.

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Moreover, how do I reset Windows Media Player 12?

Click "Restart Now" to shut down your computerandstart it up again. Click the "Start" button and type"windowsfeatures" in the search field; then press "Enter"to open theWindows Features dialog. Mark the box next to"WindowsMedia Player" and click "OK" to reinstall theMediaPlayer.

Subsequently, question is, why is Windows Media Player not responding? Open Programs and Features, Click 'TurnWindowsfeatures on or off', open up Media Featuresand untickWindows Media Player. Click Yes then OK and thenrestart thenotebook. When Windows has restarted, click theStart Menuand select Control Panel.

Beside this, what to do if Windows Media Player is not working?

If nothing helps, you can uninstallandreinstall Windows Media Player via Control Panel>Programs and Features > Turn Windows features On orOff.In the list, which is in alphabetical order, expand theoptionMedia Feature. Uncheck the box next to WindowsMediaPlayer. Restart the system.

How do you reset Windows Media Player?


  1. Open Windows Media Player Troubleshooting. Click the StartMenuand then Control Panel.
  2. Run as Administrator. A new window will appear.
  3. Reset to the default Windows Media Player settings.Click“Next” on the troubleshooter window, andthetroubleshooter should begin scanning the WMP settings.

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How do I reinstall Media Player on Windows 10?

If you want to reinstall Windows Media Player, trythefollowing:
  1. Click the Start button, type features, and select TurnWindowsfeatures on or off.
  2. Scroll down and expand Media Features, clear the WindowsMediaPlayer check box, and click OK.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Repeat step 1.

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Can I uninstall Windows Media Player and reinstall it?

However, unlike other programs you canreinstall,you don't actually need to delete Windows MediaPlayer, nordo you download it from a website when youwant to installit. Instead, just disable Windows MediaPlayer within theWindows Features utility to remove it,or enable it to addit back to your computer.

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How do I change my default media player in Windows 7?

If a program does not show up in the list, you can maketheprogram a default by using Set Associations.
  1. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button.
  2. Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
  3. Click the file type or protocol that you want the program toactas the default for.
  4. Click Change program.

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How do I change my default media player in Windows 10?

Simply follow the below-mentioned instructions toquicklyset WMP as default. Step 1: Right-click onthe filetype that you would always want to open in WindowsMediaPlayer, click Open with, click Choose defaultprogram,and then select Windows Media Player to setit asdefault for the selected file type.

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Why does Windows Media Player keep crashing?

Sometimes if some changes of the media playerorthe computer, then it may cause the Windows MediaPlayercrashing problem. You can simply reinstall the WMPandrestart it immediately to solve the problem. After browsingtheMedia Features, place a check in front of WMPandrestart the computer.

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How do I repair Windows Media Player?

1) Re-Installing Windows Media Player
  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Press and hold the F8 key until you see the boot menu.
  3. Click Start and then select Run.
  4. In the Run dialog box, type “appwiz.cpl” (noquotes)and press Enter.
  5. Choose Windows Media Player from the program list.
  6. Click Remove or Uninstall.

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How do I uninstall and reinstall Windows Media Player?

How to Reinstall Windows Media Player in Windows 7, 8, or10to Solve Problems
  1. Step 1: Uninstall Windows Media Player. Open up ControlPaneland type “windows features” into the search box,andthen click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. Step 2: Reboot. That is all.
  3. Step 3: Turn Windows Media Player Back On.

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What version of Windows do I have?

Select PC and devices > PC info. UnderWindowsyou'll see which edition and version ofWindows your deviceis running. Under PC > System type you'llsee if you're runninga 32-bit or 64-bit version ofWindows.

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Is Windows Media Player still available?

Windows Media Player 12 is the most recentversionof Windows Media Player. It was released on October22, 2009along with Windows 7 and has not been madeavailablefor previous versions of Windows nor has itbeen updatedsince for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 andWindows10.

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Where do I find Media Player on Windows 10?

Windows Media Player in Windows 10.Tofind WMP, click Start and type: media playerandselect it from the results at the top. Alternately, youcanright-click the Start button to bring up the hidden quickaccessmenu and choose Run or use the keyboard shortcutWindowsKey+R. Then type: wmplayer.exe and hitEnter.

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How do I repair Windows Media Player in Windows 7?

Uninstall Windows Media Player FromWindowsVista/Windows 7. Click the "Start" button inthe lower leftcorner of the screen, and then click "Control Panel"to open theControl Panel window. Type "WindowsFeatures" in theControl Panel search box, and press "Enter." Click"TurnWindows Features On or Off."

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How do I open Windows Media Player in Windows 7?

How to Set Up Media Player in Windows 7
  1. Choose Start→Windows Media Player orStart→AllPrograms→Windows Media Player.
  2. Click the Custom Settings button, and then click theNextbutton.
  3. Select or deselect the various check boxes, depending onyourpreferences.
  4. When you're comfortable with your privacy choices, clicktheNext button.