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Are spare tires required by law?

Last Updated: 5th October, 2021

Motor vehicle safety regulations do not require the presence of spare tires or emergency repair kits in vehicles.

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In this way, do you need a spare TYRE by law?

Spare tyres There is no legal obligation to carry a spare tyre and it does not have to comply with the legal requirements while it is stowed away. However, when fitted to the vehicle (for example, following a puncture) it must then comply with the law.

One may also ask, why do cars not have spare tires? Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car's weight helps to increase fuel economy slightly.

Beside this, what cars have no spare tires?

Researchers for the roadside-services provider examined model-year 2017 vehicles and found that 28 percent of the new cars do not come with a spare tire as standard equipment.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Acura NSX.
  • Audi R8.
  • Audi TT.
  • BMW 2 Series.
  • BMW 3 Series.
  • BMW 4 Series.
  • BMW 6 Series.
  • BMW i3.

What cars come with full size spare tires?

Even police vehicles such as Dodge Charger , Volvo and Ford Interceptor do not have space to carry a full size spare tire. Most light duty pick up trucks and full sized SUVs are still equipped with a full size spare tire though even the mid sized and compact SUVs have now gone to a space saver spare.

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What can I use if I don't have a spare tire?

  1. Upgrade to a run-flat tire. Run-flats work like standard tires but will survive a puncture for a short period and at a reduced speed.
  2. Keep a tire repair kit in your car. Repair kits, which patch a small hole to keep a tire inflated, are found more commonly in cars lacking a spare.
  3. Make sure you have roadside assistance.

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Can you get pulled over for driving with a spare tire?

Thankfully, you're able to safely pull over to the side of the road to put on your spare tire. Having a spare tire in good condition provides peace of mind – like good car insurance. You can conservatively drive about 50 miles on a temporary spare tire.

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Can a car be sold without a spare tire?

While it's a useful feature to have - no-one wants to be stranded with a flat tyre - there is no legal requirement to have a spare wheel in your vehicle. In fact, the RAC estimates that 90 per cent of new cars don't come with a spare wheel.

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Can you fail an MOT for not having a spare TYRE?

Although a spare wheel is not a requirement for an MOT check - a 'space saver' spare fitted as a road wheel will not pass. Chips of over 10mm in the driver's line of sight and over 40mm in the area swept by the wipers will result in a fail - as will any scratching that limits the drivers vision.

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Will the AA change a TYRE?

Members can opt to wait for a third-party roadside tyre replacement service, which the AA will contact. You can then drive yourself to a tyre fitter, where the AA will reclaim the spare wheel or arrange to have it sent back to one of its depots.

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What is in a puncture repair kit?

A puncture repair kit contains:
  • • Tyre levers.
  • • Sand paper.
  • • Patches or Glueless Patches.
  • • Glue (you obviously won't find this in your self-adhesive patch kit)
  • …if you are using a traditional puncture repair kits, if you are using self-adhesive patches continue to step 6.

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Is a nail in the TYRE an MOT failure?

Yep should be an advisory not a fail until it's seriously compromised the tyres integrity (ie not just a slow puncture). My boyfriend didn't even realise there was a nail in the front tyre of his BMW until it came back on the advisories of the MOT (the car itself went through first time).

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Is it illegal to drive on a space saver?

It's likely the car's handling will be changed by the non-standard wheel. This will reduce the vehicle's cornering and braking abilities. Can space saver wheels be used on motorways: It's not illegal, but driving at 50mph is dangerous on motorways.

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Where would a spare tire be?

Spare tires in automobiles are often stored in a spare tire well – a recessed area in the trunk of a vehicle, usually in the center, where the spare tire is stored while not in use.

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Can I use someone else's spare tire?

The compact temporary spare tire and wheel that comes with a vehicle is designed to fit that vehicle only. Never attempt to use a Temporary/Compact Spare Tire and wheel on another vehicle unless it is the exact same make and model.

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Can you put air in run flat tires?

A: If you can't read pressure or fill a run-flat tire, the chances are that it's completely deflated and has a hole somewhere in the tread. When deflated, run-flats look like a normal tire that's about half deflated. Unfortunately, most run-flat tires aren't repairable but the tire store will be able to tell for sure.

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Can I drive a flat tire 2 miles?

How far is too far? To be safe, driving on a flat tire at all is too far. If your tire has lost all air pressure, it not only will damage the tire beyond the possibility of repair, but can put you in harm's way. If you choose to drive it to the shop, stop every mile or so to check the tire's pressure.

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Can I drive 200 miles on a donut?

Safe-Saver/Donut Spare Tire
A general rule of thumb is to drive no more than 70 miles and no faster than 50 miles per hour before replacing your donut with a new tire. The biggest reason to use these space savers for a short period of time is because they have little to no tread.

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How much does a spare tire cost?

Spare tire prices vary greatly depending on the type of spare you purchase, and often start at $100 and go up. A full-size matching spare generally costs more than twice that of a compact temporary. Some donut tires can be purchased online for as low as $50, but are more expensive at a tire retailer.

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How do I get my spare tire off my car?

How to Remove a Spare Tire From Under a Truck Bed
  1. Locate your truck's tire-changing tools and remove them from the vehicle.
  2. Find the jack-extension rods and the jack handle.
  3. Locate the hole in the rear bumper beside the rear license plate.
  4. Insert the assembled extension rods into the hole until they make contact with the tire-lowering mechanism.

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When did they stop putting spare tires in cars?

Automakers began eliminating spare tires to make vehicles lighter to meet fuel efficiency standards. More than a third of new cars don't come with a spare tire, an increase from 5 percent of new cars in 2006, says AAA.

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How much does it cost to fill tires with nitrogen?

A. For fills of new tires, between $70 to about $175 at some outlets. Drains of air and refills with nitrogen on current tires, up to $30 per tire. Topping off can be between $5 and $7 per tire.

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Does a used car have to come with a spare tire?

The fact that spare tires are no longer standard equipment on many newer-model cars can come as a nasty surprise when you get a flat tire. While most new light trucks and larger SUVs still come with a spare, here's important news: About 35 percent of vehicles now come from the factory without a spare tire.

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Do Hyundai's have spare tires?

New Hyundai models don't have spare tires anymore, but that's only because the automaker has designed a new system to help you when you get a flat far from home. This simple little kit can be a lifesaver when you are on the road and get a puncture while driving.